Leaving technical preview

9/14/2016 by Lee Byron

After over a year of being open sourced we're bringing GraphQL out of "technical preview" and relaunching For us at Facebook…

Wrapping a REST API in GraphQL

5/5/2016 by Steven Luscher

Time and time again I hear the same aspiration from front-end web and mobile developers: they're eager to reap the developer efficiency…

Mocking your server is easy with GraphQL

4/19/2016 by Jonas Helfer

This guest article contributed by Jonas Helfer, engineer at Meteor working on Apollo.

Do you think mocking your backend is always a tedious task? If you do, reading this post might change your mind… Mocking is the practice of…

Subscriptions in GraphQL and Relay

10/16/2015 by Dan Schafer and Laney Kuenzel

When we announced and open-sourced GraphQL and Relay this year, we described how they can be used to perform reads with queries, and to…

GraphQL: A data query language

9/14/2015 by Lee Byron

When we built Facebook's mobile applications, we needed a data-fetching API powerful enough to describe all of Facebook, yet simple and easy…